Our Story

We believe that an individual style underlines our personality, impacts our self confidence and ultimately, shapes our image.

With our peer-to-(selected)-peer platform it is our mission to make fashion stylists accessible and affordable for everyone. Especially for busy working mums or for time-poor business people who often don't find enough time to take care of their looks. But also for all those who lack inspiration when shopping yet like to be well-dressed.

As a solution, myProfashional creates win-win situations among individuals willing to share their fashion know-how as Profashionals and people, so called Shoppers, seeking for it in form of competent and good advice.

Profashionals join people on their shopping trips facilitating Shoppers to find suitable, individual looks for any occasion which bring out the very best in them.

A shopping experience together with a supporting Profashional is personal and happens independently of any labels or manufacturers and hence, enables smart and long-lasting purchase decisions. With that we aim at reducing Shoppers making impusive bad-buys after having persuasively been adviced by in-store sales associates who are driven by their financal sales KPIs.

We certainly did NOT found myProfashional because we think people are generally unstylish. We did it because we want everyone to experience how good it feels to have a personal stylist for once who ensures we look fabulous and who provides styling tips and shopping insights which are credible and authentic.

Plus, we attach value to personal interaction. We refuse to accept digitalisation requiring us to explain our style preferences online to a robotic voice. We believe in real-live human interaction and in pleasurable shopping experiences leading to immediate gratification rather than to a one-week-delayed receipt of a parcel from a remote online stylist (who, by the way, was programmed to boost sales while advising us).

Lastly, we want to revive footfall in retail stores and reinvigorate the pleasant experience of touching things and selecting them carefully with the help of honest and neutral Profashionals providing unbiased and competent advice and inspiration.

Your style. Our passion.



I shape the Product.

I am the initiator, the passionate visionary, the creative mind. I am here to transform our idea into a compelling product.



I do the Marketing.

I am the people person, the extrovert networker, the brand builder. I am here to get the message right and right across.



I run the Organization.

I am the maker, the result-oriented manager, the tech guy. I am here to get our startup off the ground and grow the business.



I advice the Team.

I am the senior, the complaisant advocatus diaboli, the one to ensure checks and balances. I am here to take caution that enthusiasm does not flout fundamentals.

Our values

Our startup represents individuality. Cooperating with credible Profashionals, we are committed to providing authentic advice in a respectful manner, proving genuine engagement.

At myProfashional

I care: