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Select a city, browse profiles, and find your personal Profashional! Profashionals are independent, competent, and passionate fashion guides sharing their credible styling tips face-to-face.

No matter whether you are looking for new inspiration or for some insider tips about the shopping hot-spots in an unknown city, our Profashionals are happy to join you! Enjoy an affordable shopping experience and get authentic advice.

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You may check the availabilities of a Profashional in the calendar section. If none of the available time slots suit you, you may propose whatever day and time works best for you. Within 24 hours, your Profashional will get back to you with a reply.

There is no need to predict the exact duration of your Shopping Trip ahead of time. Simply indicate a non-binding estimation when you book, so your Profashional gets a rough idea of how much time to reserve.

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Meet your Profashional

How many of the Influencers you follow do you actually know? myProfashional offers you a chance to meet real people in real life who join your Shopping Trip!

Thanks to our flexible trip tracker system, you may spontaneously decide for how long you would like to shop with a Profashional. Once you end the trip, you will only be charged for the exact amount of time of your Shopping Trip. Experience personal shopping with a Profashional!


Femke van Ballekom

Femke van Ballekom


I love my job, I meet interesting people everyday and regularly attend business events. When it comes to my personal styling, making the right first impression is something I am conscious about. Yet, it is not always easy to get inspired every morning. Looking for fresh style inspiration online, I came across I booked a Profashional and made my very first personal shopping experience in Zurich - it was great, you should try it too!

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